1.What is the URL of the OGCLUB?

Answer:Global Language Edition:www.ogclub.in

Asia Pacific Chinese version:www.ogclub.co

2.Logins and demo accounts for OGPLUS?

Answer:Web site:https://ogplus.oriental-game.com/#/login

Demo Account:ogtt119  The code:ogtt119

3. What time zone does the system use?

Answer: the system USES GMT +8.

4.How to generate your own short share link?

Answer: please visit (https://is.gd) to generate a short url for your share link to avoid some social platform restrictions.

5. How to participate in investment?

Answer: registration → login → money center → recharge ETH→ investment conversion.

6. How to participate in gambling?

Answer: registration → login → money center → recharge ETH→ gambling conversion.

7. How to withdraw the principal. Monthly bonus and annual bonus?

Answer: Money center → Investment conversion → Transfer out choose → Principal. Monthly bonus. Annual bonus → Determine conversion → withdrawals → ETH

8.How do I withdraw money from my gambling account?

Answer: Money center → Gambling conversion → Transfer out choose → Gambling account → Determine conversion → withdrawals → ETH

9. Monthly bonus and principal transfer out time?

Answer: You can transfer the money center at any time and then make a withdrawal.

10. Rules after withdrawal of investment principal?

Answer: After the withdrawal of the investment principal, all annual bonuses will return to zero.

11. Do I need to check in every day for the investment principal?

Answer: No, the lottery amount needs to be checked every day.

12. Can one person register two or more accounts?

Answer: no, the system will detect malicious registration of players, and then freeze all processing.

13.How long is the cash withdrawal review time?

Answer:GMT + 8 time, 9:00 am to 21:00 pm.

14.Withdrawal of investment principal,Need to operation How many times?

Answer:Operate twice to prevent your error from being withdrawn.
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