Operation pattern

The club allocated 40% of the daily gambling profits to the members who invested in financial management, 20% to the investment members, and 20% to the market leader's bonus.

Free mode: once registered as a member, you can get a chance to draw a lottery ($5 - $5000),Daily check in to receive bonus 0.5%, invite 3 valid members can get another chance to draw a lottery,Allow unlimited accumulation.3 days cumulative check-in could become an valid member.The amount of each lottery ticket is valid for six months,The lottery amount does not calculate the leadership prize.

Investment mode: first deposit ETH into the currency center, and then transfer to the investment plate according to the real-time price of ETH.The minimum investment is $50 and the maximum is $2000.Investment members' daily profits and leadership bonuses are distributed to the account in a ratio of 1:4:5, 10% of which are gambling points, which can only be converted into withdrawal amount if they participate in gambling.40% is an annual bonus, locked for six months and automatically unlocked when due.50% is monthly profit, you can transfer to the money center every day for withdrawal.There is a penalty of 20% for the return of the principal within three months of the investment,Withdrawal of investment principal will clear all annual bonus and gambling points.

Team award:

Share 1 people get 20% of the daily revenue of 1 layer members

Share 2 people get 15% of the daily revenue of 2 layer members

Share 3 people get 10% of the daily revenue of 3 layer members

Share 4-10 people get 5% of the daily revenue of 4-10 layer members

Share 11-30 people get 1% of the daily revenue of 11-30 layer members

Burn system: if the investment amount of club members exceeds their own investment amount, the bonus will be burned.For example, A recommended B, B recommended C, A invested $100, B invested $500, C invested $1000, and A could only receive 20% of B's $100 daily return and 15% of C's $100 daily return.

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